So you’ve got the ideas and the energy; you just need help to craft them into an efficient message? We understand and we’re here to help. We’re experts at making videos that look right, sound right and cut through with your all important audience.  Want to know more?        

Our skill in defining you and your unique selling proposition is anchored in our wealth of experience, which runs to all forms of video production (interview, documentary, drama, animation) along with advertising, copy writing and instructional design.

Right off the bat our consultations get to the core of what you and your business are about. That insight is then used to draw your audience in, engage with them and convert them into customers, fans and promoters.

At ZOESCOPE our business is elevating yours by highlighting its key features then devising and creating bite-sized programs that build brand, win trust and bring in business. 

Zoe Harvey working in the edit suite
We only work with skilled professional crew who we trust to deliver the results we expect from camera to sound to post production.
Zoe Harvey working in the edit suite
Face of the company is Zoë Harvey, a director/writer and producer with over 20 years in the industry making business promos, corporate and training programs, case studies and more.