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Video Marketing

Video Marketing: the latest stats show that video is being used by 81% of businesses in their marketing. Why is video so popular? As a form of marketing, it’s passive…
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Camera Orientation 1.01

Screen orientation for video. What’s in a frame? If you’re shooting on a phone it depends how you hold it.
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Marketing Tool

“Video: it’s the most potent marketing tool there is.” My sage words and ZOESCOPE’s raison d’être or ‘reason for being’. Of course, there are good reasons for using other forms of…
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Video Entertains

When video captures viewer attention and they’re engaged with the content it can be incredibly powerful. They will also likely remember the information presented because they found it entertaining to…
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Video Engages

Crafting messages that engage audience are just as important in every form video can take. If your message fails to engage, you’ve wasted your money or worse, someone else’s. 
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Video Informs

Video informs. It's power and information. Video is the tool to get your message out there. With built-in reach, it's fast becoming the favourite tool for brand, business and product…


ZOESCOPE: Business Insights Series 

In addition to the blog, this page also hosts a vlog featuring business owners talking about the pros and cons of being in business. Got a minute? Literally? Business Insights videos are around 60 seconds long. Watch here or on social media (Linkedin, TwitterFaceBook, YouTube, Instagram) or sign up to the Blog for updates direct to your inbox.

And if you’d like to be part of our series, then contact us. All insights are welcome and participation is free!

Conway Restom is MindmanMagic, a magician who works with business and whose magic is to do with the mind and therefore, mentalism. 

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Conway Restom is MindmanMagic and this is Part 2 of his Business Insight. Here he talks about how he uses magic to entertain and train business people.

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Pet Medical Milsons Point is a veterinary clinic differentiated by its accreditation as both ‘low stress handling’ and ‘cat friendly’. The clinic is located in Milsons Point.

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The New Artisans Gallery exhibits the work of emerging artists and artisans. It also runs regular art and craft classes for the general public. 

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Parrots Hairdressing is a sustainable hairdressing salon on Sydney’s lower north shore. Its owner, Gaëlle Charpentier, talks about accessing training for her staff on the net.

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