Video is the most potent marketing tool there is.

My sage words that kickstarted ZOESCOPE into existence. Of course, there are good reasons for using other forms of marketing but as we’re increasingly both time poor and easily distracted, video is arguably the easiest to consume. We’re flooded by information pouring into our inboxes, spread on social media or that we find on the web on a daily basis. Meantime, the nearest video link rabbit hole beckons and we’re off chasing it.

Chances are if you venture down one or more video rabbit holes, it’s likely you won’t stay the distance unless it’s worth your time, even 30 seconds’ worth, so well thought out video marketing has to get you in and early. It has to make you interested in the content and the way it’s presented to go the distance. It has to make you believe whatever is being said, sold or pitched, which can be helped along by the quality of the production.

Just because video can be shot on a phone, doesn’t always mean it’s the best medium, depending on the shooter’s skills of course. It might well be. Because our collective attention spans are short and getting shorter, ensuring your message gets played to its end or for your ‘call to action’ to kick in, planning the content and how it’s presented will help you make the most of the fleeting and fickle air time you’re granted by your audience. Take it, run with it, but make sure you do it (the content) and them (the audience) justice.