What’s in a frame? This depends on the screening platform and what you’re shooting on. 

If your chosen camera is a mobile phone, you may prefer to hold it upright to shoot video. This is known as ‘portrait’ orientation or 9:16 ratio. For a lot of people this works fine for social media where applications have been tailored to hide the redundant two thirds of the screen. However, if you want to use your footage for other uses, like TV or youtube, portrait view may limit that potential. 

But if your intention is for your content to be seen on TV, youtube or vimeo you want to make the most of the screen real estate and turn the camera on its side. This orientation is known as ‘landscape’ or 16:9 ratio. There won’t be any black columns on either side of your footage. You’ll have the whole screen to make use of and your video will have more professional uses into the bargain. That’s good news for your footage and good news for you. If you’d like to shoot your video on a professional format using dedicated camera equipment rather than a mobile phone and design and plan it for best impact, then email us. We know video and how to realise your ideas on screen for best results.