Example programs: product or service promo, website promo update, video testimonial. See examples on portfolio page.
• Up to $3,000 AUD
• Finished program length: Up to three minutes
• Shoot crew: Producer/Videographer
• Shoot length: half day up to full day shoot
• Edit: half day to full day edit spread over three cuts (2 client reviews/revisions). Inclusions: Basic graphics and music.


Example programs: website promo, brand promo, short case study, product or service promo. See examples on portfolio page.
• $3,000 AUD and over
• Finished program length: up to 5 minutes
• Shoot crew: Camera Operator/Sound Operator and Producer/Director
• Shoot length: 1 to 2 day shoot. Location/s: one to two locations in one day (depending on travel distance between)
• Edit: one to two-day edit spread over three cuts (2 client reviews/revisions). Inclusions: simple graphics and music track/s.


Example programs: longer case study, training program, dramatised training program. See examples on portfolio page.
• $7,500 AUD and up
• Finished program length: 5 - 10 mins or short series, e.g. 2 x 5 mins or 3 x 3 mins
• Crew: Producer/Director, Camera Operator, Sound Recordist + Make-up, Talent, etc depending on budget and brief
• Edit Crew: Editor/Motion Graphics Designer + Sound Mixer
• Shoot length: full day to multi day shoot
• Edit: up to a week through 3 cuts and 2 client reviews/revisions. Inclusions: complex graphics and multiple music tracks.


Customed designed video for your express needs and budget. All pricing packages are guide only and fully customisable. Talk to us!
NB: Minimum shoot length for any size budget is half a day. Minimum edit is half a day. All price tiers listed are ex GST.

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