Video informs but the information is nothing without engagement by the viewer.

Knowledge is power and engagement with it can mean action is taken. Engagement can also be passive but it’s rare that ideas presented by one person to another don’t alter the perspective of the receiver through expanding their knowledge on a subject or their understanding of a situation.

Crafting messages that engage audience are just as important in every form video can take from product and brand promos to commercials and music videos, reality TV, documentaries and feature films. If your message fails to engage, you’ve wasted your money or worse, someone else’s. 

Initial processes like researching, planning and scripting your particular message are key as is identifying your target audience. Only once you have this information in hand can you craft your message to affect your audience to take action. 

Statistics and analytics can determine audience engagement in terms of numbers, plays and drop off but they don’t tell you if your audience engaged emotionally. Likewise, if they were entertained, changed by the experience or if they reacted in the way you wanted them to. Feedback channels can help too but may require time spent drilling down to get definitive answers when what you want may be as simple as more business, greater sales, and more viewers.

While there’s no magic recipe and no guarantees, by designing your videos to be engaging, professional and targeted you’ve given your message the best chance while respecting your intended audience’s time.