When video captures viewer attention and they’re engaged with the content it can be incredibly powerful.

They will also likely remember the information presented because they found it entertaining to watch. A successful reception is what any video maker or client wants for their videos. They want their audience to watch, be entertained, and engage with the information presented. Success on this scale will seem a shoe-in but that’s where they may be wrong.

While entertaining an audience is one box ticked in getting information across, it’s not all of them. Getting engagement around that information right is the harder part. The take home message, the actionable stuff that will really signal whether the information presented made landfall or got swept out to sea in the excitement. 

In the case of marketing, branding and product videos, the entertainment component is just one factor. Make that entertainment meaningful or get the message you need across through entertaining means that are memorable and your take-up or quantifiable reaction will be easier to gauge and build upon in future videos. 

There’s real skill in making information consumable, memorable and entertaining. That skill lies in making something informative that isn’t didactic, where the audience doesn’t equate the experience with being taught. No hard ask but every video maker’s ongoing challenge!