Video informs. It’s power and information. 

And thanks largely to the internet, mobile phones and digital technology, our lives are rich with it. 

As a result video can now be everywhere and at a relatively cheaper cost. As a result, it’s fast becoming the hottest ticket in town in that regard. With attention spans getting shorter, video is increasingly proving one of the most versatile tools to spread knowledge and  information there is.

Video can exploit an angle or a perspective. It can provide a point of view or pose an argument. It can be objective or subjective. It can ask a question or interrogate an idea. It can draw a conclusion or end on a conundrum. It can offer or not offer, a solution to a problem. In all these variations it’s informing. Video can convey information or facts in an easily digestible format. It can do this while entertaining or engaging its audience. This makes good video a powerful vehicle for information. 

The power of video

If information is power then video is the tool to get your message out there. Video can also shape or describe a place, a person, a thing or a situation arguably faster than some text-based, image-based or purely audible mediums can. How subtle or how strenuously it does this is the major variable. The same can be said for video’s impact. Its success or failure is therefore down to the maker, their intention and the audience it’s been created for. Video is easily digestible, passive technology that’s actively used for all forms of brand, product and business marketing. 

While it’s a tool with built-in reach, it has to be created by someone, and the resulting content is therefore subjective no matter how objective the intention. This can make it more or less powerful, its point of view more or less obvious and its impact more or less persuasive. This is the case whether it’s been designed with a call to action or a particular response in mind. If your business could benefit from video marketing, email us. We know just how to make you or your business, product, service or offer shine.