81% of businesses use video marketing.

Why is video SO popular? As a form of promotion, video marketing involves little or no reading, (excluding captions or subtitles) no links to click through or check out and no photos to peruse. If you’re watching on a desktop or phone – all the information you’re being supplied is in one tiny screen package. Just click play, sit back and watch.

But what else? It’s literally ‘show and tell’ territory so ‘actions speak louder than words strategies’ abound. It’s also ‘high quality content’ because it virtually guarantees eyeballs, and it’s easily shareable. If it doesn’t tick boxes, opting out is quick. Even so, chances are, the bit that was seen will more likely be remembered over the opening salvo of words that kicked off a competitor’s marketing blog. Why? Because the consumer got more than type on a page and a photo; they got colour and movement and sound. 

Lastly, videos featuring the business owner, manager or representative on camera puts a face to a business or brand. Much like a photo on a website, this makes them instantly more relatable, and therefore more approachable.

What can video do for your business?